In Details was cut with the trenchant end of a broken heart as pianist/songwriter Paul Trygstad penned his frenetic emotions to verse and rhyme. Encompassed by thunderous pianos and lush synths, the lyrics convey stories of loss, love, and just a touch of humor. Conceived and created in the blue bedrooms and backyard studios of Athens, Ohio, In Details operates out of Cincinnati as a piano-laiden storm blowing across the midwest. 

Featuring cellist and drummer Liz and Dan Garrett, In Details debut EP, Glass was released in December 2015. The record has been praised for soundtrack-like arrangements and evocative songwritng.


In Details is currently on a performance hiatus and recording a new EP with producer Nick Ingram at Capital House Studios in Galena, OH. New music is expected December 2017.



Permanent members

Vocals, Piano / Paul Trygstad


Cello / Liz Garrett
Drums / Dan Garrett

Drums, Cello / Alex Squire


In Details Mannequin