Our Secret Weapons


In Details - the musical collective formed by Dan Garrett, Liz Mathias, and Paul Trygstad. The signature sound of In Details is the combination of heavy piano, searing cello, and bold drums. We invoke emotion, intimacy, and gravitas with dynamics, harmony, and composition.










Cello, Piano, and Drums - rather than creating familiar sonic textures with guitar and bass, In Details crafts rich, warm music using a nontraditional arrangement at the core.





3 Elliot Studio - a place for artists and audio engineers located in Athens, OH. Known for bringing music from "your mind to the masses," the studio provides equipment, instruments, and an environment that sparks creative energy and allows for the generation of an original sound.











Acoustic Instrumentation - in a era of pop hits where digital synthesizers, auto-tuned vocals, and program-perfect timing dominate the production of modern records, In Details created their studio sound using acoustic instruments at the base with vintage organs and keyboards as auxiliary components, and the vocals are entirely auto-tune free. The result is a warm, genuine sound contrasting with the computer produced music of the times. 








Joshua Richardson - this audio producer/sound wizard dedicated huge amounts of time and energy to our band, transforming production into a labor of love. Josh provided the creative direction and technical experience necessary to create the album's unique sound.












Our Friends - throughout our musical journey, we've had the grandest of companions. They have given us love, support, and a critical audience, three things necessary in life and show business. Nothing we have accomplished would have been possible without our friends.



We're Friends - in the raw, In Details is just three friends hanging out who like to make music together. We're a band, not a business, and we believe performing is a great excuse to come together.